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More questions ... and answers, of course

Claire was very focused when making her school project. Fun and messy!

I am amazed that I received 30 questions. Wow, you really want those Fancy Pants journals! I'm still doling out the answers in small doses so as not to overload you with Lee factoids and opinions. Here are the next five:

Question #18 (1:19PM 27 April 2009)
Well, I'm going to play too, because I LOVE getting to know more about you and your family.
I know this is a rather open, broad question, but here it goes:
Name the person who has had the biggest influence on you in the Creative person you are. Why this particular person?
Shirley on Lemons2Lemonade

And an impossible question at that, Shirley! Growing up there were always art books in the house. I suppose my greatest artistic influence is my dad. He has always had an appreciation for art, design and colour and over the years has become an art collector and has tremendous knowledge of art and artists.

When I was a student at The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto I ached, literally, ached to live in the art room. It was at the top floor of the building with leaded glass windows, huge tables, dried paint drops and glue on every surface. The rustic hard wood floors. It was the most romantic place you could ever imagine. I just never remember a time when I’ve not been exposed to art or the appreciation of beautiful things. I skipped a lot of school. A LOT OF SCHOOL. My parents, (as most parents who did not know their child very well) would have thought, I was busy hanging out with the wrong people doing all sorts of illegal and nefarious activity. The reality was I was spending my time at the R.O.M. and the A.G.O. and absorbing as much as I could. My greatest joy was the day I realized my dad knew who Jackson Pollock was and that he actually liked modern art not just the stodgy stuff found on many of his walls!

Questions #19 (10:41PM 27 April 2009)
Here is another non-scrappy one. Do you or have you ever owned a pet?
Jayne on Lemons2Lemonade

The short answer is yes.

The Lee answer is: I do not have good luck with pets though I’ve had a few.

I grew up with a West Highland Terrier named Scottie. Years later, when I lived with Chris (fiancĂ© #2 – yes, I have stories) we had a Westie named Arthur. Chris and I split and we had two assets: the dog and the sailboat. I chose Arthur and then got another Westie, Katie, to keep Arthur company. The reality is, I should have taken the sailboat rather than the dog as I travelled a lot and really was unable to care for the beasts. Once I moved to Calgary the woman caring for them while I continued to travel asked to keep them and they eventually moved in with her and her three kids. It was a perfect solution. Louis (fiancĂ© #3 and eventual hubby) always wanted a big dog, specifically a Golden Retriever. We decided to get one and have it trained before we had children. Hennessy was more than a bit spinny with an adventurous spirit (read: constantly escaped the back yard) determined nature (read: jumped over a fence and dislocated her hip) with a bad case of separation anxiety. Unlike most of her breed, she was not in the least bit pleased when Claire arrived. She became terribly aggressive when, soon later, Cole arrived. She went to live with a friend who had recently retired and could give her 100% of his attention. After three years of constant begging and pleading, we got a gorgeous, loving, wonderful, lazy Bouvier des Flandres named Elvis. Claire and I, it turns out, are terribly allergic to just about everything and Claire’s allergist insisted that we get rid of the dog. Claire loved Elvis and suffered terribly the six years we had him. I found him a farm in Alberta with Molly, “an older woman” – an equally lovely widow Bouvier, to keep company. That was last year. No more pets. Ever.

So, there's my short story made long :)

Question #20 (5:01AM 28 April 2009)
Question # 2: Can you think of a SB technique or tool that you were hesitant to try and later found that you loved it???
Dena C. on theLINARstudio

Of course, coming from the Creative Memories school of “you are not allowed to do XYZ” I was hesitant to try ANYTHING on my pages for fear of ruining them! My upline was so rigid, she completely flipped when I used a Sizzix for the first time and *gasp* put those letters in my presentation book!

Since leaving all things Creative Memories (except the tape runner!) a year ago, I have become more comfortable using brads, eyelets, ribbon, patterned paper, ink, chipboard, flowers, bling …
The thing I was most hesitant about was posting my work. I was terrified of the criticism. As you can see by the blog, I got over it.

Thanks for the question, Dena.

Question #21 (7:57AM 28 April 2009)
I know you read a lot of books Lee and from what I have read you like life affirming, self-improvement books. Do you read any type of fiction books? If so what are your favorites?
Jayne on Lemons2Lemonade

I read plenty of fiction. I keep thinking I’ll get back to reading my favourite tomes: Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Mark Twain – you know, the kind of books where the ending isn’t a let-down? But in order to read them I really have to set aside time, and a dictionary!

Instead, I greatly enjoy taking the occasional vacation in Mitford with Jan Karon and her lovely characters; or visit another time and place with Barbara Erskine; or go on an adventure with Dan Brown and I’ve recently enjoyed Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center.

Right now I'm reading some books on photography - how to take better photos. Though, of anything I read, I enjoy biographies most. Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction!

Question #22 (8:02AM 28 April 2009)
Another scrapbook related one for you - What, if any, supply to you find yourself drawn to and buying but then find you have a difficult time using?
Jayne on theLINARstudio

I keep buying EVERYTHING over and over! I suppose I am always buying embellishments, all kinds but don’t use them. I have a hard time with ribbon as most of my layouts don’t “call” for it, but I have plenty! I also buy a lot of flowers - but those I do use, but nowhere near the quantity I own.

And, since I promised to draw the winners today:

Congratulations to Jayne and Sherry! Please send me your mailing address to leecurrie at cogeco dot ca and I'll mail out your goodies.

Thanks everyone for playing along. I will post the remaining answers over the weekend.

Happy May!

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What a happy suprise! You know Lee - I would have play regardless of a prize offer. I am always anxious to learn more about my firends :) I throughly enjoyed reading your answers!