Friday, June 19, 2009

It's all about flexibility

and the realization that you are not alone; aka, there are other, equally crazed, parents of multiple children running all around town and out of town, too. We have Gala Weekend for lacrosse and a baseball tournament. The start is always brutal.

This weekend looks like this:

EDITED in red

03:15 Collect Cole, Chloe and Caden from school Done
03:16 Crazy begins Indeed
06:00 Drop off Cole for Lacrosse Playoff Game on West side of town The Mammoth team won 9-6. Cole didn't score, but he did play tough. So sorry I missed it!
06:00 Cancel Caden's 3on3 Hockey game Done, and they won anyway :)
06:30 Take Caden to Lacrosse Playoff Game on East side of town Holy smokes was that ever an exciting game. Our boys are in the basement of novice lacrosse and they gave the #1 Shamrox team a run for their money. The score ended up tied 3-3. Was it ever exciting. I think I lost my voice!
06:30 Louis and Claire leave for Brantford (1 hour SW)
08:30 Claire plays baseball game vs Kingston in Brantford tournament Last I heard (10PM): 5th inning and they were winning 9-3
08:30 Take Cole to 3on3 Hockey game on East side of town Which they won 17-14. Cole scored 5 goals. He played well, but really has to get used to his new stick!
And I must remember to thank Doug for bringing Cole from the West side of town to the East side of town! So happy that both sets of our boys play on the same lacrosse teams and Doug lives on the East side so, though it is an imposition, it's not a colossal imposition to ask him to bring Cole with him!

10:15 Louis and Claire leave for Brantford Rain delay, they left at 1PM
12:15 Claire plays baseball game vs Niagara Falls in Brantford tournament Cancelled
01:00 Caden plays Lacrosse Playoff game on West side of town The Wings beat the Titans which means we go back to the rink for 7PM for the tiebreaker.
03:00 Cole plays Lacrosse Playoff game on West side of town, same arena, thankfully! And the Mammoth won their game, moving on to the semis!
03:15 Claire plays baseball game vs. Ancaster in Brantford tournament Claire won MVP!
05:00 Cole plays potential playoff game Fortunately, they played the later game so I was able to take them all over to Boston Pizza - pasta for Cole, chicken for Caden and Chloe had a burger
06:00 or Cole plays potential playoff game an hour later which was INCREDIBLE. Our boys really wanted to win and you could tell. They're in the finals tomorrow afternoon.
07:00 and Caden plays potential playoff game Which the boys played well but lost, a tight game 3-1.
I really don't like, but completely understand "potential" games. They're just so difficult to plan around and everything is completely up-in-the-air all day. For someone who lives by the calendar, I have to admit, I get a bit jittery on days like this! The solution? A full bag of magazines, toys, and other distractions.

Sunday is all about potential games. If the stars align and everyone wins:
08:30 Claire leaves for Brantford With all of the cancellations, Louis and Claire left the house at 7:15AM to be at their first game for 9AM.
10:30 Claire plays in one of two potential playoff games Though she played well, Claire was home in plenty of time for Cole's Championship game.
02:00 Claire possibly plays the Championship game See above :)
02:00 Caden possibly plays in the Championship game No championship game for Caden.
02:30 Cole possibly plays in the Championship game What a game! So much fun. Cole and his team did not win, but they really gave it a good effort with a final score of 3-1.
05:00 Stopped by the liquor store and picked up some wine and Caesar mix!

Somehow I'll manage to get everyone fed and to their rinks on time. ChloƩ will be entertained and supportive. Louis will make sure Claire does her thing. The whirlwind of activity will be over and everyone will be in the kitchen by, at the latest, Sunday at 6PM wondering what to do next.

Later is always better because that means their teams have won and there won't be any sad faces or pep talks. But we've done it all before. As parents, Louis and I will just roll with it. And, really? The kids have done it all before too. They know that win or lose, as long as they have given 100% to their teams, that is all they can expect of themselves. Certainly that's what we expect of them.

I do wish for you and your family far less chaos this weekend. I will make every attempt to post my SOOC Saturday but please forgive me if I forget!

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