Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lego Crazy!

Lately Caden has been OBSESSED with Lego. He takes a project and makes it work in many different ways.

When he was little, I bought The Bug a ton of Lego. All sorts of Lego. Especially that year Chloe was in 1st grade and he and I were home together. Just the two of us. I tried everything. I was desperate. He was completely not interested. I hated the idea that it would go to waste, so I gave most of it away.

Now I wish I had kept all of it. He got a couple of kits, cars and spaceships, for his birthday and it took him no time to put them all together. He is so proud of himself. I am too. Lego was one of those things, when we left Sick Kids in May 2003, "he'll never be able to do" - along with gameboy, reading, math and playing organized sports. Now he's 5 for 5. I'm tremendously relieved. Not only that, but he's begging me to attend robotics camp (he's one year too young) which is all about Lego as well. That just means he has a whole year to practice. Even better? He's old enough now there's a good chance I won't walk on it.

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Cathryn said...

Hi, Lee! I miss you but keep up with you through your blog. I have a little something for you on mine.