Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Lessons

September is the start of my year ... when resolutions are made and hopefully kept at least until I can make new ones for the traditional start of the year in January!

  • This year marked my entry into "middle-age" as Chloe reminded me for days, if not weeks, before the big event. Have I mentioned how charming my younger daughter can be? I was pretty reflective this year, maybe it was because of the numerous reminders.
  • I started blogging *8 Things and it has been a lot of fun. I plan on continuing that little exercise.
  • Chloe and Caden started school the day after Labour Day, both are in split classes this year. There is no straight grade 4 so there's not much I can do about it. So far neither has brought home real homework so I've got them reluctantly reading.
  • We had a crazy 23 days in a row with no rain, none at all. Summer was clearly waiting to the end to show herself.
  • Claire tried out for the Oakville A's AAA Baseball Team. As one of the father's said: "she's certainly not the worst out there", but, given that they were merging two teams into one and there were quite a number of others trying out, she had no hope. She knew that going in. So, she had fun instead!
  • Cole's hockey team had a bonding experience, aka their garage sale. It was so great seeing them all work so well together and get to know each other. They raised close to $2000 for the team! I was very proud of Cole showing up and helping the day before and first thing in the morning the day of the sale. All with no complaints.
  • I started as Guest Designer on Feeling Scrappy and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the talented ladies in the group!
  • Caden learned how to ride a bike!
  • I signed up for two courses to take this fall: Unravelling Further and Yesterday and Today. I'm looking forward to both of them. I also signed up for the LOAD Challenge in October!
  • Louis has joined the local hockey association board. Not only that, he is now the red level convenor for both the Minor Atom (2000) and Bantam (1995) teams. The last two weeks much of his time was spent in a rink or a boardroom dealing with on-ice evaluations and player drafts. Oh, the drama. 
  • Caden was drafted by the Knights and is looking forward to playing defense this season. He's been to a couple of practices and he does appear to have some promise, when he gives 100%. That's the key!
  • Chloe started with the Oakville Children's Choir and really enjoyed her first experience. She has her little digital recorder and has spent every day practicing. She is very focused on being a very good singer. I have every faith that she will be wonderful.
  • Cole has become an incredible cross country runner. This must have happened in his sleep over the summer since he hasn't really focused on it, at all. He has been in three events and has won in his age group all three. This included the Appleby Walkathon which he decided to run. 21Km in 2:05. Pretty impressive!
  • I have made every meal. Yes: Every. Single. Meal. this month. Cooking is not my favourite thing to do, not even close, but it's time to gain more control over what we're all eating. So, I'm cooking and only complaining here, right here in this little space.
  • Claire and Cole headed back to school mid-month. All sharp in their new uniforms. Both have settled in nicely. They are enjoying their classes and having fun with their friends. But not too much fun. They're even self-regulating. Craziness!
  • Chloe was elected Prime Minister of her grade 5 class, and will have her friend Carolyn as her Deputy. So official! After asking what party she represented she said the "do the right thing" party. Good girl, stick to it.
  • Cole was suspended for 2 league games for a hit during the tournament in Toronto. He came onto the ice to go into position and a player from the other team had the puck. Cole hit him, mid ice, the kid went into the boards. Broke his collar bone. The penalty was for the injury, not the actual hit. Cole felt terrible. It's a long season with plenty of games. Missing one game isn't the worst thing ever, it's just too bad the one Cole missed was the home opener!
  • The days are getting colder and shorter. It's time to replace the white impatiens with purple or red mums at the front entrance to our house.
October will bring with it more routine, certainly with hockey. Thanksgiving is on the 12th and the arguing has already begun: turkey or roast. I'm looking forward to settling in a bit, creating more of a routine. No more forms to fill in, no more "new" things to bombard each one of the kids, no more "have to buy" notes from school or pleas from children!


Jayne said...

I say this every month but I have to do this - love it!! Do you jot thinks down through the month or do you just go by memory?

Lee said...

You still have time :) Between the blog, facebook, twitter and my calendar, I have notes everywhere. My memory? I think that left me sometime in 1999 while pregnant with Caden!

Kyla said...

I'm with Jayne! I MUST do this . . . I just don't think I could get it all together in one location. This may be a goal for the new year . . . ;)

Love your notes and observations.

Jack said...

Good luck to your hubby and all the hockey politics this season. I don't know about where you live, but here, hockey executives and coaching(staff) are the most thankless volunteer jobs around.

I love reading your "8 things" and am glad you will be continuing into the winter season. Your always and inspiration to read :)